The A-list New York – Bonus Dec 2010

I am no Bryan Safi – Oh, well! If you insist I am the Bryan Safi of Madrid – Nonetheless I decided to let him break out the news. We have finally achieved equal rights: We too have our own trashy reality TV show! Enjoy… or not!

What is there left to do but to apply to the next season?

How jealous I am that he gets to meet the A-listers! How I wish I too could be one of them…

Written by Jeronimo

This is nothing more than the witty rumblings of a Fairy (Capital F) who tells it like it is...Erm, thinks it is... or well, just dreams it. After escaping the evil grip of abismal Moscow (where the saga started - see the GULAg episodes), our Fairy found himself in the...
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